How long will it take to receive my order?
Print Only orders are put into production within three (3) business days and ship in 4-6 business days.  Print & Frame orders are placed into production within three (3) business days and ship in 6-14 business days.  There may be additional delays at our supplier(s) due to COVID-19.

What type of photo paper is used?
All photos are printed on Hahnemuele Photo Rag 308 gsm Paper.  It is heavy, bright white, with a smooth matte surface, and meets the highest industry standards regarding density, color gamut, color graduation, and image sharpness.

Where do you ship and what are the shipping costs?
Right now we only ship to the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  The rates are listed below.  We ship with the US Postal Service (Standard) and FedEx (Express, 1-2 days).  Transit times to Canada and Mexico fluctuate.  Most Print Only orders are shipped in tubes; Print & Frame orders are shipped in boxes.  Freight is used to ship oversized frames (size 36x48" and up, US only).  These frames are boxed and strapped to a pallet in the upright position.  In shipping to a major city, freight carriers will only deliver curbside.

United States, Print & Frame (sizes are interior):

Economy  Standard
Up to 18x24"
$17 $30 $36
18x24" through 24x36"
$22 $52 $70
24x36" through 30x40"
$45 $70 $80
30x40" through 36x48"
36x48" through 40x60" FREIGHT

Canada and Mexico, Print & Frame (sizes are interior):

Up to 18x24"
US $57
18x24" through 24x36"
US $81
24x36" through 30x40"
US $108

United States, Print Only:

Economy Standard
Up to 20x30"
$10 $19 $28
20x30" through 30x40"
$16 $25 $40
30x40" through 40x60"
$20 $30 $50

Canada and Mexico, Print Only:

Up to 30x40"
US $21
30x40" through 40x60"
US $39

How do I remove my framed piece from the box and make sure I don't damage it?

  1. Open from the side where the “Your Art is Thankful” tape is located.
  2. Carefully cut the plastic bands to release the cardboard surrounding your artwork.
  3. Remove the artwork from the box.
  4. The frame is wrapped in bubble wrap. Open carefully by removing the tape. Be mindful of the corners.
  5. All of the necessary items to hang will be included.
  6. Be on the lookout for any hardware; don’t throw it away!
  7. Unless your art ships with a wire affixed to the back, do not attempt to hang your piece with wire.

How do I hang my framed piece?

If your art has a sawtooth hanger:

  1. Hold the frame to the wall at the desired position.
  2. Leave your finger or make a light pencil mark at the sawtooth hanger location.
  3. Apply a drywall screw with a Phillips-head screwdriver at the location of the pencil mark.
  4. Leave the screw sticking out 1/8" to 1/4" from the wall.
  5. Hang the sawtooth hanger on the screw and check with a level.

If your art has two D-rings:

  1. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ADD A WIRE. The two D-rings are meant to hang on two separate hooks.
  2. If your piece is large and awkward to handle yourself, have a friend help.
  3. Rub a pencil on the corner of the D-rings and make sure the D-rings are flipped up. That's how they'll eventually hang on the picture hangers.
  4. Hold the frame straight using a level.
  5. Gently place the frame against the wall in the desired position. This will transfer small pencil marks for the picture hangers onto the wall.
  6. Position the picture hangers so the hooks align with the pencil marks on the wall.
  7. Hammer the nails through your two picture hangers.
  8. Hang the D-rings on the picture hangers. Check with a level.

If your art has a hanging wire:

  1. Hold the frame to the wall at the desired position. Lightly mark on the wall where the center top of the frame is with a pencil or removable painter’s tape.
  2. On the back of the frame, find the center of the hanging wire and use your finger or the end of a tape measure to pull the hanging wire toward the top of the frame so all slack is taken out of the wire.
  3. Measure the distance from where you are holding the wire taut to the top of the frame.
  4. From your mark designating the center top of the frame on the wall, measure down the distance from Step 3 and mark an "x" there in light pencil. This is where you will hammer your hardware into the wall.
  5. Position your hook and nail on the wall and hammer the nail through the hook.
  6. Erase the pencil marks or remove the tape on the wall.
  7. Use your hands to help guide the wire securely onto the hanger. If your piece is too large and too awkward to handle yourself, have a friend hold the frame while you guide the wire onto the wall hanger.
  8. Once you’ve got the wire onto the wall hanger, check it with a level.

What if my framed print arrives damaged?
All framed prints are shipped individually to best protect the frame during transit.  Each frame is shipped in a specially designed tray that allows the frame to float within a shipping box made of double wall cardboard.  If something arrives in less than perfect condition, please take pictures and let us know immediately so that we can arrange a replacement (US only).